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Last year's Conference Highlights

EACH24 Conference

Environment | Activity | Connection | Health

ASPIRE's International Social Prescribing Conference

Friends On A Walk

Non-medical Opportunities to Improve Health and Wellbeing using Nature, the Environment, and Communities


The broader space of social prescribing recognises that much of wellbeing and quality of life sits beyond basic medical treatment. From loneliness to food security to housing and quality of life, many of the interventions that make a difference to someone’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing can happen outside of the consultation room or hospital setting. With increasing pressures on the health system, and a growing recognition of the impacts of the social determinants of health, there is a rising need to link people to the resources within their communities, to facilitate access to opportunities for better health and wellbeing, whilst ensuring a positive net impact on the systems and environments that support them.

The Opportunity to Work Across Disciplines and Borders


EACH24 Conference is a trans-disciplinary conference bringing together experts on the interconnections and opportunities between people, their communities, their environments and their wellbeing. The conference brings together leaders in nature based interventions, health, sport, education and environment with a common goal of improving human health and wellness, through connection to nature and environment. The conference seeks to build an epistemic community that makes linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries. We are motivated to come to together to share, and to build strategies for action, framed by our shared interests to impact policy and practice. 


EACH24 Conference

25-27 June 2024, Sydney, Australia

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