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Accelerating Social Prescribing
in  Australia

"Social prescribing is such an exciting frontier in the health sector…. Social prescribing charts a new way forward for healthcare that better connects patients with community services and programs, empowers and support patients to better manage their health and wellbeing…. The work of ASPIRE and the conversations you will be having today are helping to navigate this new territory in a changing health landscape."

The Hon Ged Kearney, Assistant Minister for Health,
Roundtable Opening Statement, 29 February 2024

Our knowledge of social prescribing and its benefits is growing at a rapid pace. Social prescribing is a means of connecting individuals to non-medical support within the community to improve their health and wellbeing through access to non-medical, local, and community-based opportunities and supports which address the practical, social, and material things that get in the way of wellbeing and quality. 

This Consensus Statement reflects the views of over 50 leading national organisations who participated in the Accelerating Social Prescribing Roundtable on 29 February 2024 in Canberra.

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Our Mission

The work and mission of ASPIRE includes:

Furthering the research, evidence and education on the benefits and best practice of Social Prescribing

Encouraging investment and adoption of Social Prescribing nationally in public as well as privately funded models of care

Increasing the awareness of Social Prescribing in both the community and among health professionals

Reducing the stigma around mental health and accessing supports

Partnering with organisations internationally to advance Social Prescribing research, evidence and education

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