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Our Vision

A future where individual empowerment, community resilience, and abundant opportunities drive a robust health landscape that values and uplifts every Australian, recognises the profound significance of connections, and actively generates enduring value for both people and communities, enriching quality of life.

Our Blueprint for a Healthier Australia

Social prescribing represents the future of holistic healthcare in Australia.

  • The Direction: Moving beyond traditional medicine to embrace community activities boosts overall well-being.

  • The Proof: Studies show that patients engaged in community programs have improved mental health and reduced hospital visits.


Social prescribing addresses Australia's unique challenges, advancing our diverse and vast population.

  • The Direction: Our model accounts for Australia's geographical vastness, multicultural fabric, and the uniqueness of our healthcare system.

  • The Proof: This ensures that services are tailored for First Nations people, our large multicultural society, and those in remote areas.


Social prescribing rejuvenates local communities by creating job opportunities and fostering community engagement.

  • The Direction: Potential for job growth in both urban and rural areas, especially in roles related to community care.

  • The Proof: This not only enhances local economies but also promotes a sense of belonging and community spirit.


Social prescribing offers a multi-dimensional approach by harnessing the power of arts, culture, and the environment.

  • The Direction: Engaging with arts and green/blue spaces has a multitude of proven therapeutic benefits to well-being.

  • The Proof: When integrated into healthcare, they provide refreshing, non-clinical alternatives to traditional therapies.


Social prescribing implementation alleviates strain on Australia’s healthcare system.

  • The Direction: Diverting non-critical patients from hospitals to community can significantly reduce healthcare costs.

  • The Proof: Money saved can be reinvested into the healthcare system, further enhancing its capabilities and reach.


Addressing gaps in data collection is crucial for understanding our nation’s healthcare needs.

  • The Direction: Comprehensive data collection helps better understand demand, skill shortages, and productivity factors.

  • The Proof: Clarity helps us allocate resources better and tailor services to meet the needs of different communities.


Recognising and supporting the unpaid workforce is essential.

  • The Direction: Carers and those in unpaid roles form the backbone of our support systems.

  • The Proof: Social prescribing acknowledges their value, ensuring they receive the resources and assistance they need.


ASPIRE champions the national advancement of social prescribing, ensuring standardisation and high-quality delivery.

  • The Direction: ASPIRE's focus on research, data collection, and education ensures a consistent and evidence-based approach.

  • The Proof: Through ASPIRE's efforts, social prescribing has the potential to be rolled out uniformly across Australia, ensuring no community is left behind.

Our Mission

The work and mission of ASPIRE includes:

Furthering the research, evidence and education on the benefits and best practice of Social Prescribing

Encouraging investment and adoption of Social Prescribing nationally in public as well as privately funded models of care

Increasing the awareness of Social Prescribing in both the community and among health professionals

Reducing the stigma around mental health and accessing supports

Partnering with organisations internationally to advance Social Prescribing research, evidence and education

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